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Envi Spring Water Branding And Packaging Design

The client is a small company owning a natural waster source with almost zero amounts of nitrates in it. The strategy of the company was to attract high-end customers the most demanding ones in terms of health and trendiness especially in the Mediterranean seaside resorts. Therefore the choice of packaging from company’s side was to go with small glass bottles for which we had to come up with design and print ad concept. The etiquette in three different variations has been created helping the consumers to distinguish properly among existing types of water. Small element added evoking hot place is represented by a silhouette of an elephant. The ad concept of Statue of Liberty aimed to show the general direction of campaign which should promote the water among the wealthiest through portraying it with respective landmarks of each group as usually the wealthiest come from US, UK, China, France or Germany in this area.

Project name: Envi Spring Water Branding And Packaging Design
Art Director: Martin Kuspal
Client: Envi
Design year: 2013
Country: Slovakia